Vote Penny Hulse for Auckland Council

Why I am standing and why you should vote for me

I am standing for the Waitakere Ward to ensure our communities in the west will continue to thrive, and that our knowledge from these communities and our Eco City heritage will help shape the future of Auckland as a whole.


Like many people from the west, I have a strong streak of independence. I stand as an independent – I am not part of any political party nor a single issue campaigner.

My commitment is to the diverse communities of the west, and assisting them to fulfill their needs, aspirations and desires.

The Best of the West for the Rest

I learned the ropes of leadership and politics in the communities of the west and in the evolution of Waitakere, the EcoCity.

I will never forget the journey, the challenges, and most of all the successes we learned from developing Waitakere as an eco-city.

I bring this experience with me everyday as an Auckland Councillor, to make sure the voice of the west is heard, and to bring our experience to the whole of Auckland to benefit our great city.

Celebrating redevelopment in Titirangi

I believe in:

  • Weaving economic, social, environmental and cultural outcomes to create a livable city for all.
  • Having the courage to try new ways to design and run sustainable cities, bringing the best of world experience to our local places across Auckland.
  • Ensuring all voices are heard, and concerns recognised as we strive to build a better city.

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